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Vetinary Advice For Gundog Owners

Vetinary Advice For Gundog Owners

Price: 16.99

This comprehensive reference is essential reading for all those who own or work their gundogs, whether it is in the tough, competitive world of Field Trials or for those who simply enjoy a day's rough shooting.

Author Gillian Averis is a practising veterinary surgeon who has been involved with gundogs all her life, training Weimaraners as well as keeping Sussex Spaniels, German Shorthaired Pointers, Hungarian Vizslas, an Italian Spinone and a Labrador Retriever.

Here she examines the most common injuries that affect gundogs, ranging from minor accidents that require immediate first aid, to problems such as lameness and respiratory conditions that require more long-tem treatment.

There is an in-depth analysis of the dietary needs of working gundogs and a special section dealing with the inherited conditions that affect some of the gundog breeds.

TPS TOP TIP: I could not put this book down, absolutely fantastic; a real must for any gun dog owner ESPECIALLY if you don't do field trials or rough shooting! I now carry this book in my car for emergencies!

Sherley's Complete Book of Dog Care

Sherley's Complete Book of Dog Care

Price: 4.68


Sherley's Complete Book of Dog Care covers:

Choosing and knowing your dog

Breeding and rearing dogs

Caring for your dog

Internal and external parasites of the dog

Treatment and first aid in illness

Diseases and ailments of dogs

Sherley's dog care products.

Puppy lopaedia

Puppy lopaedia

Price: 8.99

The more you know about your puppy the better you will understand his/her specific needs and requirements.

Puppylopaedia contains a wealth of information to help every new owner turn thier pup into the ideal dog by the time he is twelve months old.

It is broken down into three sections:

Section one begins with advice on how to choose the right puppy, and tells you all you need to prepare for life with a dog.

Section two covers how dogs think and learn, with detailed advise on the stages on puppy development. All aspects of training are covered, with the emphasis on teaching good maners.

Section three suplies comprehensive information on health and routine care, which will provide invaulable in rearing a fit and healthy puppy and proventing inappropriate behaviour.

By Jim Evans and Caroline Ackroyd-Gibbson.

Fun and games with your dog

Fun and games with your dog

Price: 5.99

Happy dogs love to play games and do tricks. Teaching a dog to preform tricks is a fine way of bonding between owner and pet.

Indoor and outdoor activities, games, and tricks that will sharpen your dog's intelligence and instincts, improve coordination and stamina, and give both you and your dog hours of fun.

Mini Encyclopedia of Dog training and behaviour

Mini Encyclopedia of Dog training and behaviour

Price: 9.99

There is nothing more satisfying than someone coming up to you and saying "Wow, what a really well behaved dog you have" Now with the help of this fantastic book you too can glow with pride, rather than shrink with embarrassment!

Compact, comprehensive and easy to consult, this superb mini encyclopedia provides owners with all they need to know to train a dog in the obedience disciplines. It also features expert advice about overcoming common problem behaviours.

Annotated photographic sequences combine with expert text make this a really easy book to follow and understand, giving you the pet to be proud of!!

Written by Colin Tennant, who is one of Britain's leading expert in dog behaviour and obedience training. Having worked as a police dog handler he has also trained animals for more than 100 television programs, he has lectures around the world, and is a frequent contributor to national newspapers and magazines. He operates a canine behaviour centre providing advice and assistance for owners of dogs of all breeds.

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Mikki Dual Comb For Fine/Medium Coats 6276-220

Mikki Dual Comb For Fine/Medium Coats 6276-220


Mikki Dual Comb For Fine - Medium Coats (6276-220)

The ergonomically designed handle ensures maximum comfort and control. The teeth are made from stainless steel and are moulded into the comb body for maximum durability. Combing removes loose hair, dirt and helps prevent hair form becoming matted or tangled.

Soft grip shaped handle for comfort and control - Medium coarse teeth - Ideal for most cats and dogs - Ideal for pets with medium to long hair.
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Cleo Hide 'N' Seek Cat Scratcher

Cleo Hide 'N' Seek Cat Scratcher


This fantastic Hide 'n' Seek cat scratcher comes in a two tone finish with vertically ribbed carpet to really let your cat and kitten get to grips with. It comes fully lined with a hanging fish shaped toy rattle to give extra interest and play. Has Catnip within to add to the excitement and is big enough for them to curl up inside for sleep and the ever important security bolt hole that is essential for cats of all ages.

Folds flat for storage if you choose, making ideal for holidays and relocating during the holiday seasons.

Made to the very high Cleo standards that we love.
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Mikki Large Shedding Comb 6276-217

Mikki Large Shedding Comb 6276-217


Mikki large shedding comb (6276-217)

The Mikki Shedding Comb has been carefully designed by grooming experts to remove dead hair from your pet during the moulting season.

Soft grip, shaped handle for comfort and control

Ideal for most cats and dogs.
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Meripac Hanging / Ground Table

Meripac Hanging / Ground Table


Hanging or Ground mounted feeding table. This feeder can be mounted onto the ground via a sturdy spike that is supplied or it can be hung from any style of hook system, it can also be pole mounted! All round genuine modular device giving you the choice over and over again of where to place this feeder.

Ground mounted is especially good for Blackbirds, Thrush and other ground feeders, hung or pole mounted is for non ground feeders. Roof can be adjusted to keep out larger species and a small bird sanctuary can be fitted for the same purpose and to add a little more security for ground feeders.

The table has three individual - removable bowls for food or water. Being removable allows thorough cleaning to reduce the risk of bird disease. These are inserted into the large landing and feeding platform. An excellent hard wearing product that needs no tools to construct!
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Aqua Bowl 2 litre

Aqua Bowl 2 litre


This fantastic easy to carry 'gadget' is total revelutionary in it's concept; no longer need you take a bowl AND water carrier on walks/journeys. The aqua bowl is BOTH, it holds 2ltrs of water and has a hand or foot dispensing devise which allows you too give just the right amount of water for your dog.

Which means no more waste, hasel of having numerous bottles and bowls rolling around in the car and your dog can always have access to clean fresh drinking water.

Only available in red now and in the 2ltr size

TPS TOP TIP: We have managed to secure 2ltr Aquabowls in Green now and Red next month. They are limited and after they have gone there will be none in production until 2014
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