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Fox in your garden

Fox in your garden

Price: 7.95

Doreen Kings 'In Your Garden' series are without a doubt the best books for you and your garden wildlife.

The Red Fox is one of the largest wild carnivores in Britain, and reactions to it range from fear and hatred of an efficient killer to admiration for a beautiful, resourceful survivor. In this book, Dr Doreen King invites us to take a look at its eating habits, family life, and the advantages and disadvantages of living alongside humans. She tells us of its place in folklore and its long history as hunter and hunted, explaining its movement form the countryside to the town, so that now it can even be found scavenging on rubbish tips in city centres. She also advises how we can protect our livestock form the suburban fox and when and how we can help a fox that seems to be in trouble - and, most importantly of all, when we should leave it alone!

Doreen King won the first British Technology Group Prize for Research in 1984 and is a member of the Institute of Environmental Science and a Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Science. She has been involved in conservation and rescue work for most of her life and runs a wildlife sanctuary at her home in Essex.


Squirrels in your garden

Squirrels in your garden

Price: 8.95

Doreen Kings 'Squirrels In Your Garden' is full of fantastic information and pictures with plenty of practical advice for you and your garden visitors. A real joy of a read and a must for all British gardens.

Squirrels In Your Garden was conceived after many years work by Dr Doreen King and her husband in providing a wildlife and rehabilitation service. The book provides a practical and no-nonsense approach to taking care of those squirrels which need some help form their human neighbours.

Dr King writes clearly and concisely about the legal position of caring for a squirrel, squirrel illnesses, housing, raising squirrel babies and other issues which readers might have to face if they find a squirrel in need. Copious illustrations and photographs throughout the book provide further information and enjoyment for the reader.

Hedgehog in your garden

Hedgehog in your garden

Price: 9.99

Doreen Kings comprehensive and most excellent Hedgehog book!

Without doubt, the best book I have read on Hedgehogs, nice and easy to read but crammed with essential information on how to make your garden hedgehog friendly.

Full of fantastic pictures

What to treat your garden visitor on, how to care for them should they become injured or ill, how to release them back into the wild, how to make them welcome with hedgehog boxes and correct foods.

A section on hand rearing if needed, with a comprehensive bibliography and useful addresses with contact numbers for futher help including the world famous St Tiggywinkles wildlife hospital trust.


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Mikki Mini 9 Blade De-Matting Comb

Mikki Mini 9 Blade De-Matting Comb


Removes mats and tangles quickly and easily

Stainless steel blades, heat-treated polished and serrated

Plastic non-slip handle

Blade cover/protector provided
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Aqua Bowl 2 litre

Aqua Bowl 2 litre


This fantastic easy to carry 'gadget' is total revelutionary in it's concept; no longer need you take a bowl AND water carrier on walks/journeys. The aqua bowl is BOTH, it holds 2ltrs of water and has a hand or foot dispensing devise which allows you too give just the right amount of water for your dog.

Which means no more waste, hasel of having numerous bottles and bowls rolling around in the car and your dog can always have access to clean fresh drinking water.

Only available in red now and in the 2ltr size

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Petsafe Toothpaste Wipes (mikki)

Petsafe Toothpaste Wipes (mikki)


Petsafe animal wipes are now under the Mikki Company.

A unique dual-action wipe for the all-round solution to dental hygiene.

The abrasive surface acts to remove plaque and calculus effectively from teeth and gums.

Helps fight the bacteria that causes bad breath and gum disease.

The cool minty taste leaves your pet fresh and re-vitalised.

Containes no artifical sweetners.

17 Wipes
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Johnson's Groom Spray

Johnson's Groom Spray




Freshens cleans and brightens the coats

Non-oily. Pleasant perfume.

Groom Spray is a non-oily preparation suitable for regular use on all breeds. Freshens cleans and brightens the coat, dispels coat and body odours, and imparts a fresh , pleasant fragrance.

Size = 150 mls
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The only clicker with volume/tone control.

With FREE training booklet.

Recommended by Roger Mugford.

By buying this Multi-clicker you will be taking the first step towards clicking your way to a better behaved dog.

No more shouting, yanking, or pushing your dog around in the name of training. Clicker training is the fun, reward-based method of dog training that is taking the nation by storm, you will both enjoy learning just how easy it is to get started.

The step by step guide will show you how to teach your dog what the clicker means as well as how to teach the sit, the down, the recall and basic heel work.

This is the first clicker with adjustable volume/tone control so that it can be matched to your dog's sound sensitivity.

Once you have learned how to use the clicker, there is no limit to what you can teach your dog.

So what are you waiting for - get clicking with a Multi-clicker!
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Petsafe Top & Tail Wipes (Mikki)

Petsafe Top & Tail Wipes (Mikki)


Petsafe Top & Tail Wipes now under the Mikki Company

Petsafe Top & Tail Wipes are specially formulated for use around the mouth, body, feet and anual areas. Top & Tail Wipes have effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Should be used daily to maintain a healthy environment and prevent infection. After handling pet use wipe to cleanse hands.

Do not use in mouth or around eyes and ears.

Consult Vet if an infection is present.

Size = 17 wipes
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Meripac Small Bird Sanctuary

Meripac Small Bird Sanctuary


Smaller birds are sometimes bullied away from the bird seed by larger more aggressive birds. The Small Bird Sanctuary is a cage that fits around the Meripac Bird Tables (both the ground table and the complete table) and enables you to control the feeding of large and small birds. When fitted, only the smaller species will get through, when removed the larger birds will once again be able to feed.

Pictured for illustration purposes only is the Small Bird Sanctuary around the 'Meripac Hanging / Ground Table' in its hanging mode, being suspended by the 'Multibracket One Arm System'

TPS TOP TIP: The Merripac Small Bird Sanctuary is the defensive cage only, for fitting around the Merripac Hanging/Ground and Complete tables.
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