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Terrapins, Turtles and Tortoise Books

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How to care for your Terrapin

How to care for your Terrapin


Price: 2.99

Everything you need to know to care for your Terrapin

Terrapins make very responsive and interesting pets, that give a wonderful insight into the aquatic environment. By aquascaping and using plants above the water level, you can create a beautiful living picture in your living room rivalling an aquarium of tropical fish.

This book helps prepare you for your first steps into keeping terrapins, full of insightful information in easy set out steps and sections, this book by David Green is an excellent amongst other things covered are choosing your terrapin, setting up the correct filtration equipment, heating and lighting, basking sites, foods and health suppliments, disease, health and breeding.

Barrons Tortoises and Box Turtles

Barrons Tortoises and Box Turtles

Price: 6.99

A Complete Pet Owners Manual By Hartmut Wilke

An excellent and concise book filled with information and advice to help you take good care of your tortoise or box turtle. Filled with full colour photos, informative and attractive charts, tables and sidebars.

Full of step-by-step directions for everyday care, with attention to the different varieties of tortoises and box turtles, housing, feeding and care, their anatomies and native enviroments. With another section on how to recognise and correct health problems.

Barrons Aquatic Turtles

Barrons Aquatic Turtles

Price: 4.99

Barrons excellent keepers guide to the aquatic turtles, written by R.D.Bartlet and Patricia Bartlet

An informative guide full of facts and advice essential to the keeping of aquatic turtles.

With clear and concise chapters on:

Keeping Aquatic Turtles As Pets; Speices and Selection; Caging and enviroment; Feeding and supplements; General Health and well being; Breeding and care of young.

A good all round book, that is essential to the begginer and useful to the expert.

Aquatic Turtles

Aquatic Turtles

Price: 9.99

The Turtles living in streams and ponds have been popular pets for decades or more. It's no wonder. Their activities are fascinating to watch, while their often-attractive colours and cute faces endear them to people of all ages. However, these animals won't live long in just a tank of water with a few rocks. If you want your spunky pet turtle to be healthy, you have to provide him with the proper environment and diet.

This guide is a complete care manual for these interesting and endearing species. The colourful sidebars, boxes and photographs illustrate key topics essential to owners of the red-eared sliders, painted turtles, mud turtles and many other species. Aquatic turtles will help you keep your turtle healthy for all of his long life.

Turtles and Tortoises

Turtles and Tortoises

Price: 8.99

Beginning vivarium systems Turtle and Tortoises by Russ Case

Travel through the fantastic lands and waterways of tortoises and turtles in this exciting book! Don't let the fairy tale tortoise's slow pace fool you - these reptiles make cool pets. Here you'll meet the smelly 'stinkpot turtles, the beautiful leopard tortoise, the fierce alligator snapper, and others. You'll learn all about these charismatic chelonians, including how to feed and house them - and why you should wear shoes around snapping turtles!

Included in this jam-packed guide - the coolest turtles and tortoises for the young herptoculturalists, where to go and what you need to find turtles. How to make a good spacious home for you're hard backed buddy and some fun activities and stickers.

Online Catalogue | Books |  Terrapins, Turtles and Tortoise Books - Quality, affordable products for your pet.

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