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Price: 9.50

In Catlopaedia, you will find guidance from a team of world authorities on every aspect of cat health and care.

This handy book contains invaluable information for all cat lovers from the experienced breeder to the first-time owner of a new kitten.

Most importantly, Catlopaedia brings you detailed advice on how to recognise the signs of illness and disease and what action to take.

Every cat lover will find a world of useful advice and information on every page of Catlopaedia, thebest concise reference book on cat care.

Written by J.M. Evans & Kay White

Cat training in 10 minutes.

Cat training in 10 minutes.

Price: 9.95

Have fun with your feline while teaching new behaviours and tricks in just 10 minutes a day!

Teach your cat to : Come when called, roll-over, sit and many more.

This will help keep your cat from becoming bored, help bond owner and pet, learn more about your cats personality and of cause you can show off and amaze friends and family.

pages 142

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Sour Crop Conditioner Tablets

Sour Crop Conditioner Tablets


Old Hand's Sour Crop Tablets

Even the best management cannot always prevent 'sour crop' but these conditioners will settle the digestion and sweeten the crop fast. Suitable for all ages, essential in 'young bird sickness'

contents 25 tablets.

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Barrons Aquatic Turtles

Barrons Aquatic Turtles


Barrons excellent keepers guide to the aquatic turtles, written by R.D.Bartlet and Patricia Bartlet

An informative guide full of facts and advice essential to the keeping of aquatic turtles.

With clear and concise chapters on:

Keeping Aquatic Turtles As Pets; Speices and Selection; Caging and enviroment; Feeding and supplements; General Health and well being; Breeding and care of young.

A good all round book, that is essential to the begginer and useful to the expert.

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Aqua Bowl 2 litre

Aqua Bowl 2 litre


This fantastic easy to carry 'gadget' is total revelutionary in it's concept; no longer need you take a bowl AND water carrier on walks/journeys. The aqua bowl is BOTH, it holds 2ltrs of water and has a hand or foot dispensing devise which allows you too give just the right amount of water for your dog.

Which means no more waste, hasel of having numerous bottles and bowls rolling around in the car and your dog can always have access to clean fresh drinking water.

Only available in red now and in the 2ltr size

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